drawtober! OCT 2020

october for illustrators has typically been a month where daily people make ink drawings from a list of daily prompts called "inktober". it has morphed into this monster of a month where people spend hours ahead of time making intricate and elaborate pieces to impress everyone. it is impressive, but i am seeking to go back to the simplistic practice of lil daily drawings not dependendent on social media engagement.

because of the complicated capitalism conundrum that the original "inktober" prompts have had as well, this year i decided to follow the prompts from @lanylevendula titled #endicottsteaparty21. They're fun to pick one medium and just get in the habit of engaging daily with a quick illustration. I chose to use illustrator, the trackpad of my laptop, and a short amount of my time to fill the month. Here are the fruits of my labor!

october prompt list

prompt list